Family life

Back to work

Well I’ve had almost 9 weeks off of work, and it’s time for me to go back.
I have so enjoyed being home and bonding with my beautiful baby. Hendrix will be 8 weeks old soon, and is just amazing. He’s been holding his head up pretty much since day one. A couple days ago he started rolling over.! ( most babies don’t start until about three months)

Obviously at this point his favorite things are eating, pooing & sleeping. However he is spending a lot more time awake, and really likes his little floor mat. He also likes hanging out with his Daddy.

Our two labs, Remy & Rufus have varying interests in the baby. Remy seems to love him and always wants to be near the baby. Rufus is mildly interested, but basically would rather nap.

I’m very much looking forward to this summer. This year will be Hendrix’s & Remy’s first summer. Rufus turns 12 this year, and we are planning lots of trips to the river & lake.

Stay tuned for the many adventures of my little family 😉