Family life

When you’re this cute…

Mom is going to make you sit there for a bunch of pictures. He’s 15 weeks old, just incase you’re wondering.











Family life

My son

Well it’s been awhile since my last update, so here is a little update.

Hendrix is now almost 15 weeks (3.5 months) and is a very alert and happy baby. He started rolling over about a month ago. He had become very vocal, and loves having conversations. Hendrix loves it when he is read too, talked to, and sang to. He loves his tummy time and playing with his giraffe Susie.

About a week ago we realize he was teething also! He’s a very drooly baby right now, who loves to chew on everything. Fingers, toys, his blanket, and if he could manage it, his newly discovered toes.

I’ve been back at work for awhile now. Other then work itself being slow, the transition back into the working world hasn’t been to bad. It’s nice to have some time away from the baby, just to talk to grown ups is a nice change. Don’t get me wrong, I love this kid with my entire being, but ya know, sometimes mom needs a break. I’ve never understood that until now.

Remy still adores the baby. He spends a lot if time hanging out with him. Remy even has been comforting Hendrix while he’s been teething, he knows the baby isn’t feeling well so he’ll lay next to him and clean him like Hendrix is his baby. It’s so very sweet. Rufus is finally showing more interest. I think he’s accepted the fact that the baby is here to stay. He now will come and lay next to the baby, and let’s us have Hendrix “pet” him. Eddie even had the baby “ride” Rufus the other day, and Roo was so happy.

It’s been hard balancing everything. My son, work, home, friends, family, bills.
It’s funny how having a child absolutely everything in your life. Mostly for the better, sometimes it’s harder, but I’m blaming that on my lack of sleep.
It was so amazing how excited everyone was when the baby was born. Friends were coming out of the wood work to congratulate us, and to see the new bundle of joy.
Now, that the novelty had worn off, it becomes starkly obvious which friends are in for the long haul. Not that it’s surprising to me, I knew that having a baby would change relationships, and admittedly I’m the first one to stop caring about a relationship once someone gets flaky and looses interest. I’ve been burned so many times by caring to much, that now I don’t care at all.
If you want to be my friend and be a part of my sons life, you’ll make the effort. Simple as that. I no longer have the time or energy in pursuing relationships with friends that won’t put fourth the effort.

Well this ended up being more then just a brief update. Sometimes it helps to type everything out.