Family life

Juggling life

Being a parent is amazing. Every day you get to see your child grow, learn and experience everything for the first time.

Being a parent is also exhausting. Screaming, teething, constipated babies aren’t always the most cooperative.

Jealous dogs, who don’t get out enough drive me crazy.

Not being able to go out and do the things I did pre-baby makes me a little sad.

Dealing with work, bills, relationships and baby is a daily struggle. It’s stressful and messy.

Then I look at my sons face. His big blue eyes. His smirky little grin. His hands reaching for my face.

My heart melts, and in an instant I forget how difficult things are.


Yes, I’m stressed about bills. Yes, I’m stressed about my relationship.

I know that all these things will work out. I have a good job. I have a great man. I have an amazing son.

I just have to remind myself to breathe, look at all of the amazing people in my life, look at all of the positives and stop dwelling on the negatives.

It’s hard. I’m a stress case & people pleaser by nature.

Learning that I can’t control everything is hard. Rolling with the punches is hard.

Loving my son is easy. And that’s what I need to ¬†hold on to.

Focus on my son. Focus on building a life for my son. Focus on the love of my family.