Family life

Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy little worker bee over the last few months. I’m back to a normal work schedule, so I’m working about 4 shifts at the restaurant a week. On top of me being a server there, I help out in other ways as well. I run and manage 90% of our social media. Well, maybe less, because we have a FANTASTIC web guy who made us a beautiful site, and I help with a few updates and blog posts. I’d recommend Dave to anyone!
I also help make the menus for the restaurant. Any time there is a change, I make those. In collaboration with the restaurant’s manager we’ve also made a killer cocktail list & happy hour menu.

The work doesn’t stop there. I’ve been slowly getting back into my photography. I used to LOVE photography. Then I got burnt out. Discouraged. Distracted.

However, after taking thousands upon thousands of photos of my son, I’ve gotten a little bit excited about it again. In the last few months (since my son has been born) I’ve shot one wedding, an engagement shoot, 2 family sessions, and I have several more booked before the holidays.

Also, with all of the blogging, menu design, and photography, I’ve come to realize I really like graphic design, web design & blogging. It’s something that I’m considering even taking some classes to help further my knowledge of those things.

My son is currently banging on the lap top, so I’ll take that as a sign to be done for now.

Soon I’ll post photographs of all the sessions I’ve had and of my son.