Family life

A year later…

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my blog. I think I’ll be using this site to update any photos of Hendrix and just going on’s of my family.
Facebook is irritating me, but I can’t get rid of it because I have so much work tied up into it.

So, if I can remember and commit, I’ll be bloggin’ and posting on here. 😀

There’s been a lot that’s happened in the year since I’ve posted. I don’t feel like going over the gory details so I’ll just start from this month. Mostly from yesterday.. when we got our Christmas Tree. The last few years we’ve been getting our tree from one of the local ranches/tree farms. This one is called Pine Valley Ranch, and it’s so perfect. Tucked away behind some neighborhood is this huge property. They’ve got trees, snacks, hot cocoa and a gift shop. One of the great things about Pine Valley is that you can get a fresh cut tree. They do have some pre-cut, but it’s fun to stomp around looking for the perfect tree! It was fun with Hendrix being a little bit older this year. He got to participate a little more. He also has developed quite a stubborn streak, so that always makes our adventures a little more….interesting. We found the perfect tree after not to long.

When we got the tree home I strung lights on it.. three times… until it was just right. We decided to buy some new ornaments this year, so we made a quick trip to target. *my favorite!*

The tree came together really nicely. Hendrix “helped” by standing on the stool and directing us. The challenge now is to keep him out of the tree. He’s already conquered baby gates, so we have to get creative.

Here are some snapshots of our day! 11.29.15