Family life

It’s already almost Valentines??

So obviously I’m going to be horrible at updating this damn thing.

Last I posted I was working out at home. Did that for about a week. Got sick, got lazy. Then got busy with work and distracted with life and all that entails.

So here we are, almost mid February. What has been going on? Here I’ve been cleaning the house lots. Trying to battle the ever persistent mess & laundry. I’ve been winning… Mostly. I’ve been cooking a lot too. I should start posting that. We’ve been trying to save money, and trying to eat healthier, so we’ve cut out a lot of the fast food that we normally eat. Just from changing up my diet I’ve been feeling better.

oh! We’re planning on going to Mexico in a few weeks, so that’s exciting! Passports are here, we bought tickets… Now it’s just save $$ and tone & tan before heading down south. ┬áIt’ll be our first big trip with Hendrix. We’ve gone down to LA and to the Ocean, and to Tahoe… But 8 days in a different country! All anxiety aside, I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to go somewhere different, and to do something different. We’ll be staying with Eddies family down there, and I know they’ll show us a good time.


Tgeres so so much going on this year. So many big plans, trips, adventures to be had. Now to stay motivated and focused.

Toodles for now!