Family life

May the 5th

The weather today kind of reminds me of coastal weather. It’s chilly, over cast and smells like it’ll rain soon.  Weather like this is why I love living in Northern California and why I love visiting the ocean.

Today I had every intent on photographing my new little cousin, baby Sam, who is almost 4 weeks. But the poor little dude was having some tummy troubles, so we didn’t take any pictures. I however, did get to snuggle his sweet tiny little face. Seeing his tiny little features makes me miss my son being that tiny. Well, at least I got my baby fix for a little bit.

Since we didn’t spend to much time with my cousins, and it had t started raining yet, I figured today was a good as any to take Hendrix & Remy for a quick a walk down Stagecoach trail.

Hendrix loved being able to run and walk with out having to hold my hand, and Remy loves being able to pee on everything. We walked for a good hour, Hendrix collected rocks, smelled the flowers and tripped over rocks about a dozen times. It was a beautiful little walk. Remy did great! He’s pretty good on the leash and listens well.

Now we’re back home, and after some lunch it is nap time.

Until next time!







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