Family life

New addition

well my sweet nephew finally decides to make his appearance. After being 6 days late, this little bundle of love showed up at 2:01 on the 16th.

Im so lucky to have family that loves near by, and even more lucky to have a family that’s keeps growing. We make some pretty damn cute kids!

I’m so excited for my sister and her new wee babe. Her older two, who are 8 & almost 6, and ecstatic to have a little brother. Later this week I’ll pop up and take some more pictures of this perfect boy.

Welcome sweet one.

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Family life

Aunt Karen

I had a wonderful dream last night. The family (on my dads side) got together for some reason or another. As we were saying our hellos my Aunt Karen came over to say hi. Even in my dream I remember feeling shocked that she was there. Then this overwhelming feeling of happiness came over me. I got to give her the biggest hug. She looked so good, exactly how I remember her. Smiling & full of life.
My Aunts passing was difficult and I never really got to say goodbye. Even though it was only a dream, it felt so real. It was bittersweet waking up from that dream, but getting to “hug” my aunt one more time was so amazing. I love & miss you Aunt Karen.image

Family life

May the 5th

The weather today kind of reminds me of coastal weather. It’s chilly, over cast and smells like it’ll rain soon.  Weather like this is why I love living in Northern California and why I love visiting the ocean.

Today I had every intent on photographing my new little cousin, baby Sam, who is almost 4 weeks. But the poor little dude was having some tummy troubles, so we didn’t take any pictures. I however, did get to snuggle his sweet tiny little face. Seeing his tiny little features makes me miss my son being that tiny. Well, at least I got my baby fix for a little bit.

Since we didn’t spend to much time with my cousins, and it had t started raining yet, I figured today was a good as any to take Hendrix & Remy for a quick a walk down Stagecoach trail.

Hendrix loved being able to run and walk with out having to hold my hand, and Remy loves being able to pee on everything. We walked for a good hour, Hendrix collected rocks, smelled the flowers and tripped over rocks about a dozen times. It was a beautiful little walk. Remy did great! He’s pretty good on the leash and listens well.

Now we’re back home, and after some lunch it is nap time.

Until next time!






Family life

May the 4th

Well, last I posted it was almost Valentine’s Day. Now it’s almost Mother’s Day. 0_0
I’m the worst at updating.

So here’s the update:

I’m engaged! Eddie (my boyfriend of almost 8 years) popped the question on April 3rd.
Boom! (Planning on a wedding end of 2017/beginning 2018)

Our son turned two on April 10th. My sweet boy is growing up so dang fast! He’s officially a toddler.
He’s potty training, weaning off his “Boopie” (Binkey/Pacifier) which we’ve been doing anyway, he normally only gets it for nap or bed time. Now it’s only for bedtime. Naps have been.. a struggle, but getting easier every day. We took him to the Folsom Wildlife Sanctuary for his birthday. I think he enjoyed it. Mostly he just likes to run around or “Fly”. He’s saying so many words, and starting to speak in sentences. Hendrix is super independent,  but loves when you play Legos or “staw wa webals” (Star Wars Rebels) with him. He is so much fun, and so much work right now. Everyday presents a new adventure.

My sister, Cassie, is due any day now with her little boy. I am so excited to meet this new little bundle. I’m also excited for Hendrix to have a new baby cousin. It’ll be fun to watch them grow together.

I’ve been working, and working, and working. And cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning. I feel like that’s all I do. In the midst of all that I’m constantly entertaining and caring for the toddler and our doggy (Remy).

Momness is so much more than I ever anticipated it to be. It truly is a 24/7 job. It’s one that I love, but dang. I never realized how much my mom did. Thank you mom. You’re a saint. Not only do you run a daycare out of your home. You home schooled 4 girls. You birthed and raised 4 girls. That’s insane. I’m only two years into this mom thing and I can barely keep it together some days. I hope you realize how much I love and appreciate and look up to you. We’ve had our rough moments (as any normal parent/child relationship would) but I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I love you so much and I just hope I can be as good as mom to my son as you are to me.

That’s all for now. I’m trying to decide what to do as far as blogging more. Should I blog my daily life? food? mom stuff? work stuff? more photography? I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, so maybe this will help me find out what I wanna do.

Hopefully I’ll blog more than once every couple months. In the mean time – here’s some super awesome pictures of my super awesome kid.

Happy almost Mother’s Day!



HENDRIX_5_4_01 HENDRIX_5_4_02 HENDRIX_5_4_03

Family life

It’s already almost Valentines??

So obviously I’m going to be horrible at updating this damn thing.

Last I posted I was working out at home. Did that for about a week. Got sick, got lazy. Then got busy with work and distracted with life and all that entails.

So here we are, almost mid February. What has been going on? Here I’ve been cleaning the house lots. Trying to battle the ever persistent mess & laundry. I’ve been winning… Mostly. I’ve been cooking a lot too. I should start posting that. We’ve been trying to save money, and trying to eat healthier, so we’ve cut out a lot of the fast food that we normally eat. Just from changing up my diet I’ve been feeling better.

oh! We’re planning on going to Mexico in a few weeks, so that’s exciting! Passports are here, we bought tickets… Now it’s just save $$ and tone & tan before heading down south.  It’ll be our first big trip with Hendrix. We’ve gone down to LA and to the Ocean, and to Tahoe… But 8 days in a different country! All anxiety aside, I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to go somewhere different, and to do something different. We’ll be staying with Eddies family down there, and I know they’ll show us a good time.


Tgeres so so much going on this year. So many big plans, trips, adventures to be had. Now to stay motivated and focused.

Toodles for now!

Working out & Being fit

January 7th


So I forgot to post my workout from the 5th. It wasn’t as “intense” as the one I did on the 4th, cause I’m outta shape & sore.

I did 20 of each of the following, so basically two circuits.

  • Squats,
  • Donkey Kick (back and side),
  • dips (I used the bathtub edge as a sturdy place),
  • stretch kicks (front, back and side)
  • jumping jacks.
  • Afterwards I stretched for about 10 minutes.

I didn’t work out on Wednesday. Between work and being super duper sore, I decided to pass.

Today I woke up feeling pretty good, so I increased my numbers and what  exercises I was doing.

Cycle one:

  • 10 squats
  • 10 donkey kicks (back and side)
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 dips
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 stretch kicks (front, back, side)
  • count of 20 bicycles

I repeated this cycle 4 times. Followed by 10 minutes of “stretching”.. Which mostly consisted of Hendrix wrestling me while I sat on the ground.

the whole thing only took about 20/30 minutes. Did have to pause game so I could take my son to the bathroom, he’s potty training!

Happy Thursday 🙂