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2016 // No More Excuses

working out while being a full time mommy and part time server can be challenging. This year I’m not going to let the challenge of working out be an excuse not too.


Day 1 : Jan 4

Current weight 151.4 // goal a strong, toned 130-135

At home work out :

50 squats // 50 sit ups // 50 donkey kicks (each side)

20 push-ups ( I’ll have to do more when the kid sleeps. He wanted to sit on me, and my strength isn’t there yet)

30 leg lifts (laying flat on my back, throw downs w/o the partner)

15 minutes of stretching!

Goal is to repeat this work out twice a day and increase my numbers.

Family life


Happy New Year!

Family life

A year later…

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my blog. I think I’ll be using this site to update any photos of Hendrix and just going on’s of my family.
Facebook is irritating me, but I can’t get rid of it because I have so much work tied up into it.

So, if I can remember and commit, I’ll be bloggin’ and posting on here. 😀

There’s been a lot that’s happened in the year since I’ve posted. I don’t feel like going over the gory details so I’ll just start from this month. Mostly from yesterday.. when we got our Christmas Tree. The last few years we’ve been getting our tree from one of the local ranches/tree farms. This one is called Pine Valley Ranch, and it’s so perfect. Tucked away behind some neighborhood is this huge property. They’ve got trees, snacks, hot cocoa and a gift shop. One of the great things about Pine Valley is that you can get a fresh cut tree. They do have some pre-cut, but it’s fun to stomp around looking for the perfect tree! It was fun with Hendrix being a little bit older this year. He got to participate a little more. He also has developed quite a stubborn streak, so that always makes our adventures a little more….interesting. We found the perfect tree after not to long.

When we got the tree home I strung lights on it.. three times… until it was just right. We decided to buy some new ornaments this year, so we made a quick trip to target. *my favorite!*

The tree came together really nicely. Hendrix “helped” by standing on the stool and directing us. The challenge now is to keep him out of the tree. He’s already conquered baby gates, so we have to get creative.

Here are some snapshots of our day! 11.29.15


Family life

Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy little worker bee over the last few months. I’m back to a normal work schedule, so I’m working about 4 shifts at the restaurant a week. On top of me being a server there, I help out in other ways as well. I run and manage 90% of our social media. Well, maybe less, because we have a FANTASTIC web guy who made us a beautiful site, and I help with a few updates and blog posts. I’d recommend Dave to anyone!
I also help make the menus for the restaurant. Any time there is a change, I make those. In collaboration with the restaurant’s manager we’ve also made a killer cocktail list & happy hour menu.

The work doesn’t stop there. I’ve been slowly getting back into my photography. I used to LOVE photography. Then I got burnt out. Discouraged. Distracted.

However, after taking thousands upon thousands of photos of my son, I’ve gotten a little bit excited about it again. In the last few months (since my son has been born) I’ve shot one wedding, an engagement shoot, 2 family sessions, and I have several more booked before the holidays.

Also, with all of the blogging, menu design, and photography, I’ve come to realize I really like graphic design, web design & blogging. It’s something that I’m considering even taking some classes to help further my knowledge of those things.

My son is currently banging on the lap top, so I’ll take that as a sign to be done for now.

Soon I’ll post photographs of all the sessions I’ve had and of my son.


Family life

Juggling life

Being a parent is amazing. Every day you get to see your child grow, learn and experience everything for the first time.

Being a parent is also exhausting. Screaming, teething, constipated babies aren’t always the most cooperative.

Jealous dogs, who don’t get out enough drive me crazy.

Not being able to go out and do the things I did pre-baby makes me a little sad.

Dealing with work, bills, relationships and baby is a daily struggle. It’s stressful and messy.

Then I look at my sons face. His big blue eyes. His smirky little grin. His hands reaching for my face.

My heart melts, and in an instant I forget how difficult things are.


Yes, I’m stressed about bills. Yes, I’m stressed about my relationship.

I know that all these things will work out. I have a good job. I have a great man. I have an amazing son.

I just have to remind myself to breathe, look at all of the amazing people in my life, look at all of the positives and stop dwelling on the negatives.

It’s hard. I’m a stress case & people pleaser by nature.

Learning that I can’t control everything is hard. Rolling with the punches is hard.

Loving my son is easy. And that’s what I need to  hold on to.

Focus on my son. Focus on building a life for my son. Focus on the love of my family.




Family life

My sweet boy

Well he’s now old enough to start trying solid foods.
Carrots – no go.
Baby cereal – gross.
Blueberries – ding ding ding!

He loves them. Hendrix has had blueberries 3 different times now, and he can’t get enough! He gets so impatient that he bangs on his tray, and takes my hand and forces the spoon closer to him.

I think later this week we will be trying peaches.