Family life

May the 4th

Well, last I posted it was almost Valentine’s Day. Now it’s almost Mother’s Day. 0_0
I’m the worst at updating.

So here’s the update:

I’m engaged! Eddie (my boyfriend of almost 8 years) popped the question on April 3rd.
Boom! (Planning on a wedding end of 2017/beginning 2018)

Our son turned two on April 10th. My sweet boy is growing up so dang fast! He’s officially a toddler.
He’s potty training, weaning off his “Boopie” (Binkey/Pacifier) which we’ve been doing anyway, he normally only gets it for nap or bed time. Now it’s only for bedtime. Naps have been.. a struggle, but getting easier every day. We took him to the Folsom Wildlife Sanctuary for his birthday. I think he enjoyed it. Mostly he just likes to run around or “Fly”. He’s saying so many words, and starting to speak in sentences. Hendrix is super independent,  but loves when you play Legos or “staw wa webals” (Star Wars Rebels) with him. He is so much fun, and so much work right now. Everyday presents a new adventure.

My sister, Cassie, is due any day now with her little boy. I am so excited to meet this new little bundle. I’m also excited for Hendrix to have a new baby cousin. It’ll be fun to watch them grow together.

I’ve been working, and working, and working. And cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning. I feel like that’s all I do. In the midst of all that I’m constantly entertaining and caring for the toddler and our doggy (Remy).

Momness is so much more than I ever anticipated it to be. It truly is a 24/7 job. It’s one that I love, but dang. I never realized how much my mom did. Thank you mom. You’re a saint. Not only do you run a daycare out of your home. You home schooled 4 girls. You birthed and raised 4 girls. That’s insane. I’m only two years into this mom thing and I can barely keep it together some days. I hope you realize how much I love and appreciate and look up to you. We’ve had our rough moments (as any normal parent/child relationship would) but I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I love you so much and I just hope I can be as good as mom to my son as you are to me.

That’s all for now. I’m trying to decide what to do as far as blogging more. Should I blog my daily life? food? mom stuff? work stuff? more photography? I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, so maybe this will help me find out what I wanna do.

Hopefully I’ll blog more than once every couple months. In the mean time – here’s some super awesome pictures of my super awesome kid.

Happy almost Mother’s Day!



HENDRIX_5_4_01 HENDRIX_5_4_02 HENDRIX_5_4_03

Family life

Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy little worker bee over the last few months. I’m back to a normal work schedule, so I’m working about 4 shifts at the restaurant a week. On top of me being a server there, I help out in other ways as well. I run and manage 90% of our social media. Well, maybe less, because we have a FANTASTIC web guy who made us a beautiful site, and I help with a few updates and blog posts. I’d recommend Dave to anyone!
I also help make the menus for the restaurant. Any time there is a change, I make those. In collaboration with the restaurant’s manager we’ve also made a killer cocktail list & happy hour menu.

The work doesn’t stop there. I’ve been slowly getting back into my photography. I used to LOVE photography. Then I got burnt out. Discouraged. Distracted.

However, after taking thousands upon thousands of photos of my son, I’ve gotten a little bit excited about it again. In the last few months (since my son has been born) I’ve shot one wedding, an engagement shoot, 2 family sessions, and I have several more booked before the holidays.

Also, with all of the blogging, menu design, and photography, I’ve come to realize I really like graphic design, web design & blogging. It’s something that I’m considering even taking some classes to help further my knowledge of those things.

My son is currently banging on the lap top, so I’ll take that as a sign to be done for now.

Soon I’ll post photographs of all the sessions I’ve had and of my son.